Our offer

As clinical scientists, we, at LME, fully understand the importance of getting your work published. However, we have experienced that it can be difficult to translate the complexities of your message into a concise, comprehensive and convincing scientific manuscript.

We offer services for manuscripts, abstracts (e.g. for conferences) and posters.

Our editing services comprises English language editing to ensure that your text is polished and easy to read. In addition, and even more importantly, we will help to present the research questions, methods and results as accurately as possible, leading to an accurate and stimulating discussion. We will provide you with an in-depth feedback on your manuscript and suggestions for improvement. This will result in a higher acceptance rate of your scientific medical papers.

The services we offer at LME are distinctive as we tailor our editing and review to meet the requirements of each journal. Furthermore, before we accept a manuscript, abstract or poster for editing, we first decide if it is within our field of expertise, making sure that we will be able to provide you with excellent editing. If not, we may suggest other editing teams to help you. We will not hand over your valuable work to young and inexperienced PhD students or postdocs, and do all the editing ourselves.

Fields of expertise

LME is specialized in editing documents in the biomedical and medical sciences. We have special expertise in the areas of clinical genetics, pediatrics, neurology and inherited metabolic diseases.

Science writing

LME also offers intensive science writing courses to individuals or small groups (max. 3 persons). These two-day courses take place on the island of Schiermonnikoog. Lodging can be arranged by us in one of the hotels on the island. Please contact us for possibilities and prices.